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Dirran Park

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About the time of the wool boom in the fifties The Dirranbandi Convent was built and the Sister of St. Joseph arrived to staff the school. The building was a great achievement by a dedicated committee of local people.


The School was opened and blessed by Bishop Brennan in June 1956 (the opening was delayed due to heavy rain and impassable roads).


In 1977, The Sisters of St. Joseph withdrew from Dirranbandi and St. Joseph's Convent became a boarding hostel for some time.


The diocese decided eventually to sell the convent buildings.  The site is now the Dirranbandi Hostel and Caravan Park. St. Therese's across the street from the old convent is now the parish Church. 


The grounds have since been subdivided and the school buildings shifted to various locations around the district.


The Original building which housed the Chapel, Boys and Girls Dormities, Nuns bedrooms and several classrooms and is still on the property and is used as a private residence. The Hostel section is currently being converted to BB accommodation.


Lovely gardens surround the main building.

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Dirran Park
45 Kirby St.,
Dirranbandi  QLD  4486
Ph: 07 4625 8707  Fax:  4625 8702